Dear Sir or Madam,

at this days we are celebrating  our 30 Years SUC anniversary. This we like to take as an occasion to remind you about our outstanding quality and precision work.

After back and forth we decided to extent our section PRECISION CUT.

To provide a larger quantity with the well known quality standard of SUC.

We cutting stones to your drawing, sample or standard cuts in a high accuracy and with a top quality polish finishing.

For example we can provide you with a standard diamond cut from 0.8 mm up to 6 mm with a tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm. Start by 6mm with a Tolerance of +/-0.1mm.


Enhance the value and attractiveness of your jewellery pieces with a beautiful, precision cut, custom gemstone.

A part from the standard cuts we cut almost all shapes and cuts. We cut stones to your need or we can help you to develop a special cut for your jewelry.

precision square.jpg 

By site our large stock on raw stones, we can cut your stones for order or source the right stones for you.

Please send us an email  with your details to get an specific offer.  

Fore more information about our work, please visit us at the web.

Best regards

Your SUC-Team


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